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Welcome to the Chris Gentry Neighborhood Network (CGNN). To learn more, Click the link buttons below and start feeling the Protivation. Also, don't forget to sign up and become a member as well. Ain't no business... like Pro Business. Come ride with us y'all, thanks for stopping by. Ridaz Gotta Ride!

 My name is Chris Gentry. I was born and raised in Houston, TX. and also reside in Costa Mesa, CA. I've been skateboarding since 1984 and I'm still currently active in performing shows and demos around the world. Aside from a skateboarding and music career, I'm also a proud father of my son Micah Gentry. Learn how it all began.



Pro Riders Organization, or PRO is a non profit organization which exists to provide a managed entity for a number of athletes to compete professionally in Action Sports commonly known as: SKT – Skateboard, BMX – Bicycle Moto Cross and FMX – Freestyle Moto Cross. Learn what it's about and how PRO began.

Pro Rider Entertainment is the home of the Pro Riders, Rappers and Rockers. Like country music is to the rodeo... rock and rap is to the Pro Riders, who share their riding talents to a musical background. Protivation we like to call it.  Music and Sports is the foundation of the new Generation R. The Ridalution Has Begun!

Certified Pro Rider is the official brand supporting the Real Deal Pro Riders. The only way to Ride is Certified. This logo is the seal of approval to ensure quality Pro Rider Products Certified by the Pro Riders. Come join our community and represent the gear that supports the Riders. You Pro Ridin... or you just ridin!

Certified Pro Ridette is the official brand supporting the Girls That Ride. The only way to Ride is Certified. This logo is the seal of approval to ensure quality Pro Ridette Products Certified by the Pro Ridettes. Come like our Facebook page and represent the gear that supports the RidettesYou Pro Ridin... or you just ridin!


Certified Ridesdale is the brand that represents the most attractive females in the action sports world. Like the Dallas Cheerleaders are to football... the Certified Ridesdales are to the Pro Riders. Twelve of the hottest calendar girls in the world with great Protivational names like "Magen It Happen" and "Cara Bout It"Ridaz Gotta Have Protivation. Ain't No Tale... Like A Ridesdale'sCertified by the Pro Riders.

Ridaz Gotta Ride is a slogan I came up with when I first started the Pro Riders Organization PRO in 2002. I felt like every other sport had an association like the PGA, the NBA, the MLB, etc... protecting and supporting their careers, and if action sport athletes were going follow in their foot steps, then I figured we needed to unite and make it happen. Why? Because if a Players Gotta Play, and a Ballers Gotta Ball... then a Ridaz Gotta Ride! 

Party In The Parkin Lot began back at the Skatepark Of Houston, TX. when I was young looking up to Texas Legends Ken Fillion and Troy Chasen. They use to hang out in the parking lot after vert sessions and have a blast. As I got older in life, I realized that it's not always about the skateboarding and how well you do at the event... it's about how much fun you had and enjoying the good times that all the Ridaz bring to the event. When you miss the cut... there's nothing better than to see all your favorite people in life together for one big Party In The Parkin Lot. Life is a ride and we ain't here for a long time... we're here for a good time!


RIDAZ started around the same time as Pro Riders Organization and Ridaz Gotta Ride. As I drove around the country recruiting all my Pro Riders, I needed a calling that would catch a Ridaz ear and being the wordster that I am, it naturally came out through passion and expression like Where are all my RIDAZ at? Inspired by the real Pro Riders that Ride For The Cause. If you ever walk in a room and here someone yell out RIDAZZZZ! You know your in good hands like All State!  

I hope you've enjoyed learning about where we've come from and why we do the things we do. You have to do something in life to make a living and Riding is what we love to do. A Ridaz Gotta Eat and a Ridaz Gotta Be PROtected for PROceeds to PROceed.

CGNN and the Pro Riders Organization is our way of making a positive mark for the next generation to Ride, Respect and be Rewarded for their efforts throughout most of their short lived careers. Past the torch down to Generation R. Riders, Rappers and Rockers Respecting Revenues & Ratings! Turnin Vocabularies into Procabularies! Step Up Your PROcab!

To make a stand... you need a brand... and we're not just another brand... It's who we are. We're Certified Pro Riders... not just on our boards and bikes... but in Life! Protivation for the next Generation. Ain't No Tential like Protential! Thanks for Pro Ridin Y'all. Hope to see you in a city near you, or at the next Pro Riders Event real soon. Ride On Y'all... Ridaz Gotta Ride!


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