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This year at the Tribute to Jeff Phillips was nothing short of a good time

that took place at the Overground Skatepark in Dallas,TX. May19, 2012

celebrating the life of the legendary Jeff Phillips. Thanks to Mike Crum

for hosting the event and having RCG Raine & Chris Gentry filmed their

new Shut Up And Ride Official Music Video throughout the weekend.

Directed and edited by CG and filmed by CG, Larry Mukhar, Raine,

Garrett, Pat Ascheri. Music Produced by Emerson Windy / Reese Piece

Productions. Shut Up And Rumble in Dallas, TX and Shut Up And Ride

in Houston, TX. coming in November. Check out

for more info. Download the song on iTunes:




Texas legend Chris Gentry went way out of his way for the Etnies team

on King of the Road this year - inviting them to Houston's famous Rap-A-Lot

studio to throw guest vocals on his next club banger "King of the Road."

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How could anyone forget Chris Gentry's epic King of the Road rap? Well,

Rap-A-Lot's favorite white boy is back with his 2nd Thrasher exclusive

recording: Hall of Meat. If you're squeamish, don't watch this edit. Everyone

else, enjoy the trainwreck.



Hall of Meat is a harsh reminder of skating's brutality. It's a
medicine usually given in small doses... So prepare to overdose.
This clip is not for the faint of heart.

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