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Pro Riders Tour 2007

Ride with Chris Gentry in the Lincoln Navi as he drives from Phoenix,

AZ. to Long Beach, CA. for the LB Grand Prix Pro Riders Demo put on

by Mike Crum with MPC Productions along with Pro Riders Chris Gentry,

Sandro Dias, Koji Kraft, Dave Duncan, Rob Nollie, Mike Saavedra,

and Protential Rider Alex Perelson. Ridaz Gotta Ride. Check out more

Profiles at and

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Pro Riders Freedom Fest-Fort Hood,TX. July4,2007. MPC Productions.

Mike Crum, Chris Gentry, Danny Mayer, Jake Brown, Jimmy Walker, Koji

Kfaft, Jimmy Mcguire, Greg Hartman, Justin Newman Pro Ridin at the

army base in Killeen,TX.

Check out the Pro Riders Magic Showdown in Las Vegas, NV. as Chris

Gentry, Marcelo Bastos, Jimmy Walker, Koji Kraft, Jay Eggleston, Ben

Snowden, and the young Protentials Jordan Price, Mitchie Brusco, Jet

and Jagger Eaton, Gregory DeHart, Trent Bowman, Griffin Chase and

David MacKay put on a classic Pro Riders show. Hosted by the legendary

Dave Duncan and DJ MY-G from in tha mix records. Pro Riders in the

buildin at Las Vegas convetion center. For more info check out

Check out the BMX Pro Riders at the LG Finals in Dallas, TX. Nov. 9-11,

2007. Marcus Tooker, Alistair Whitton, Diogo Canina, John Parker, Tom

Stober, Jay Eggleston, Jimmy Walker, Tom Haugen, Catfish and other

special guests doin it Texas Big. The Pro Riders had a goodtime during

work hours and after hours Thanks to the Hyatt Hotel. Ridaz Gotta Ride

is exactly what Ridaz Did. Music by Chris Gentry "Time Out".

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