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No Build... Like a PRO Build!



Check out the Pro Riders Magic Showdown in Las Vegas, NV. as Chris

Gentry, Marcelo Bastos, Jimmy Walker, Koji Kraft, Jay Eggleston, Ben

Snowden, and the young Protentials Jordan Price, Mitchie Brusco, Jet

and Jagger Eaton, Gregory DeHart, Trent Bowman, Griffin Chase and

David MacKay put on a classic Pro Riders show. Hosted by the

legendary Dave Duncan and DJ MY-G from in tha mix records. Pro

Riders in the buildin at Las Vegas convetion center. For more info

check out



Chris Gentry Pro Skateboarding from 1991-1999 at the Vision

wharehouse, Charleston Hanger, Chickens Pool, and various events

and street spots around the world. Pro Ridin since 1991.

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