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AST Dew Tour Salt Lake City, UT Sep. 2010

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The AST Dew Tour in Salt Lake City was another great event overall. Good people, Raging Pro Rider after party's and the hospitality at the Dew Tour was awesome. Free food all day with the best Pro Ridin in the game. Thanks to Big Shane from the Dacompound & Protential Houston Harmsen for helpin me hold it down at the Red Lion Hotel. We had it Roarin like a jungle! Congrats to all the Pro Riders who made the finals, SKT Street Lutzka, Bastien Salabanzi, Brandon Dosch, Fabrizio Santos, Adam Dyet, Carlos De Andrade, Ryan Decenzo, Tyler Hendley. SKT Vert, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Sandro Dias, Adam Taylor, Marcelo Bastos, Juergen Horrwarth. BMX Vert, Simon Tabron, Austin Coleman, Austin Coleman, John Parker. BMX Park, Dave Dillewaard, Dave Dillewaard, Garrett Reynolds, Alistair Whitton, Marcus Tooker, . BMX Dirt, Brandon Dosch, TJ Ellis, Luke Parslow. Good job Ridaz! Thanks to Dave Duncan, Jimmy Coleman and Catfish for keepin the PROnouncin Real! Thanks for all the good times and Pro Ridin Ya'll. Let the Good Times Roll! Ridaz Gotta Ride!

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