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Nasty's Charity Benefit Jam For Stephen Murray, Temecula, CA. Jan. 2011

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Nasty’s charity benefit jam for Stephen Murray on January 15th was a blast. Pro Rider Luke Parslow walked away with 5,000 for a double backflip. Pro Rider TJ Ellis was wreckin the course until he rolled his ankle and went out on a wooden stick for a crutch. Ridaz Gotta Walk! The VH1 camera's were all around capturing the chaos for the X Life show as Ridaz were being thrown into the pool and goin nuts. Pro Rider PLG jumped off the roof and almost hit the edge of the pool. Real close call G. When you mix alcohol and lots of Pro Riders then you will definitely witness a good time, and that's what it was at Nasty's house! I came back the next day and helped clean up the trash and graffitti with 8 mile. We left the spot lookin new again. Ridaz Gotta Respect The Property! Thanks for the good times Nastazio family. Y'all made the Ridaz Proud!

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